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Interview: Taurs' Artist Whitney Buckley

Welcome to 45 minutes with Whitney Buckley, the visual dynamo behind Taurs. She discusses her artistic influences, her path to the not so crazy decision to become a professional artist (Hint: it's the retail world's great loss...), and her profound love for expressing her beautiful internal world. Thanks to whitney for being so genuine, open, and enthusiastic - an interviewer's dream! Hope you enjoy!

Here are some of the visuals Whitney mentions in the interview...

Whitney: "Male Kai'sa is the thing I made to get hired at the indie game development company I work for. Kai'sa is a character from league of legends, one of the most popular multiplier games out there.

She is originally a girl, but I was asked to make a gender bend version [of her as boy] to see if I could draw it."

This is my first time seeing the alternate colorways for Myg - Steve and whitney choose well! Purple and pink it is!

Below is the link to the Clip from the "Dr. Who" episode where vincent van gogh visits a museum exhibit of his work and realizes that all his lonely suffering and striving produced beauty that touched the world beyond what he could ever have imagined - highly worth watching! (If you're the type, have some tissue at hand...)


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