• Steve Pool

The Dream We Didn't Know We Had

Steve wrote his first story when he was five years old, but his career took a wide, wide detour through the worlds of technology and banking before coming back to his creative center with Taurs.

When I first started dating Steve in 1997, he had four pagers, at the beck and call of tech companies who needed him to drop everything in a moment's notice to come fix their servers (double dates were a necessity in case I needed someone else to take me home).

During a period of enforced unemployment in the early 2000s, Steve created an astonishing raft of amazing stories, but duty called, and he went back to college and got an accounting degree, putting it into practice first in banking and then in running our business. However, no one could still the siren call of storytelling in Steve's heart. When a friend of a friend suggested that he submit his stories to the Twisted 50 horror short story contest, Steve came alive again and quickly sent in 20 submissions. He was a hit! A raft of positive feedback from many other very accomplished writers encouraged Steve that he really did have talent and many, many great stories to tell. You can see more of his work here. https://www.storiesbystevepool.com/

Fast forward to 2019, and Steve happened across Dr. Baron Bell's Comics 101 class. Something told him this was the right path. The first day he came home, excited. He’d found an amazing artist, Whitney Buckley, who he thought would be perfect for the story he had pitched to me just a few days prior: “Two characters, a minotaur and a centaur, are childhood friends and treasure hunters... It will be called Taurs.”

Now, six months later, Steve is dedicating his life to storytelling. He says, “Just a few weeks on the far side of 50 years old, it's time to do something. I think I'll regret the things I didn't do in life far more than the things I did. There's nothing I want to do more than tell stories, in comics, novels, maybe even film and television. Any way I can, I want to communicate my vision.”

As for Taurs, we really want to put out something positive, plenty of action and adventure, of course, but deep elements of friendship, personal growth, overcoming obstacles together. We want people to be inspired by this story, no matter what's on the news or who's doing what in politics or what the latest prognostications about the climate may be. Nothing beats seeing characters you care about push through difficult situations and come out closer to each other than ever before. I hope that's what you'll see in Taurs. Thanks for reading! Stay tuned...

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