The world

of Tigereye

"the jungle is sentient, with a hive mind not unlike a colony of bees. And it's greedy - it just grabs onto magical energy and doesn't want to let go."


Steve Pool, Writer

​Larimar is a large island. Tigereye is a city state, the team’s home base, home to a motley collection of treasure companies who contract out the lucrative rights to the local temples. The port area is colloquially called "Jewel Bay" because it is so pretty, and the water has a sapphire hue. Most of the island is jungle. So almost everyone lives within a mile or two or three mileS of the sea. It's a place that draws magic ... and trouble.

Far Away Temple View.jpeg

At some point, the jungle got dangerous; the magic became supercharged. Everyone has a theory, but no one knows why. There's a reason they don't let the jungle encroach on the cities. The nickname of the final City on the outskirts, the Subterrane, is "the last stop before 'Oh no!'"

Taurs pg 7.png


"abandoned" temple  to a water God, a god of life and light, vaguely amphibian, so not the most popular. When he faded out, so did his religion and his people.

Now, a thousand years later, The Blessed Sea Trading Company has two new rookies, and they're ready to for their first contract. “Nobody good wants this one because it's a mess so let's give it to the kids” - that's that's the idea​. Administratively, it's not supposed to be open for exploration because of'll see.